Story Mapper is release planning for Pivotal Tracker.

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Story Mapper helps you visualize and focus on the big picture, showing your agile project as sequential milestones. It's designed to work in concert with Tracker's excellent backlog management for stories, bugs and chores.


Story mapping is a technique described by Jeff Patton to add dimension to the flat agile backlog and describe how a system will come into being through time and across its many components. It creates a high level view of your project while addressing the need to prioritize individual stories.

To use Story Mapper, all you need is a Pivotal Tracker project with labels that identify primary user activities, or components, of your system. If you use releases to identify milestones, even better.

A Bit More Detail

At Carbon Five, we use story mapping while writing stories and planning releases. The sequence goes something like this:

We strongly recommend that you learn more about story mapping from Jeff Patton's writings. The new story backlog is a map is a good introduction. These presentation slides get in to significantly more detail.

If you are curious about how we are mapping between Tracker and Story Mapper or have other questions, please see Help.

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